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Fas 9/21/09 Matching hypothesis – started with finding physical attraction - similar views and attitude - religiosity - compatibility > similarity Theory of Reciprocity – we are attracted to people who are attracted to us - not stalking Obsessed with concept of love - Over 90% believe love is an important aspect of life - Ancient Greek concepts of love o storge- a loving attachment and non sexual affection(family, sibling, friends) o agape- self list love – generosity, charity (mother Theresa) you care for your partner more than yourself o phila – friendships with people you really enjoy spending time with – respect – not life long friends.
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Unformatted text preview: o Eros passionate and sexual love (romantic love) Real love come from when you really know the person and when their faults become endearing for you Hendrick and Hendrick styles of love their book -romantic love (eros) immediate physical attraction-ludus- game playing love playing hard to get, jealousy, stone wall(silent treatment), sex as a tool. Flirting with your partner, -friendship love mixture of storge and philia, friends before lovers, men are more romantic than women. o Pragma - women will look at things such as if they are gonna be a good father or other qualities...
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