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Fas - o Eros – passionate and sexual love(romantic love...

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Fas 9/21/09 Matching hypothesis – started with finding physical attraction - similar views and attitude - religiosity - compatibility > similarity Theory of Reciprocity – we are attracted to people who are attracted to us - not stalking Obsessed with concept of love - Over 90% believe love is an important aspect of life - Ancient Greek concepts of love o storge- a loving attachment and non sexual affection(family, sibling, friends) o agape- self list love – generosity, charity (mother Theresa) you care for your partner more than yourself o phila – friendships with people you really enjoy spending time with – respect – not life long friends.
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Unformatted text preview: o Eros – passionate and sexual love (romantic love) Real love – come from when you really know the person and when their faults become endearing for you Hendrick and Hendrick – “styles of love” –their book -romantic love (eros) – immediate physical attraction-ludus- game playing love – playing hard to get, jealousy, stone wall(silent treatment), sex as a tool. Flirting with your partner, -friendship love – mixture of storge and philia, friends before lovers, men are more romantic than women. o Pragma - women will look at things such as if they are gonna be a good father or other qualities...
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