Theory assigntment - Pols 2940 B-Fall/Winter 2009-10...

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Pols 2940 B-Fall/Winter 2009-10 ASSIGNMENT #1 Seeing International Politics through the Lenses of Theory Due date: November 05, 2009 IN TUTORIAL Grade value: 15% The course texts present several major theoretical lenses that have been used to understand world politics. Each of these lenses directs attention to different actors, problems, dynamics, causes and effects. Each is also necessarily a simplification of reality, highlighting a part of world politics in order to describe and explain key patterns and predict behaviour and outcomes. In this exercise, you will review these lenses and how they highlight different aspects of world politics, paying special attention to the events and explanations they emphasize. Review the Concepts: In preparation for writing your paper, review the main features of Liberalism, Realism, Radicalism and Constructivism, using the summary table on page 74 (Mingst text) as a point of departure for the more thorough description in the text. (You do not have to write anything from this part in your paper.) I. Finding Patterns and Explanations:
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Theory assigntment - Pols 2940 B-Fall/Winter 2009-10...

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