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ECONOMICS OF LAW, POLICY AND ORGANIZATION SOSC 2330 9.0 Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Department of Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies York University Prof. A. Salazar V., PhD GUIDELINES FOR COMPLETING ASSIGNMENTS AND ORGANIZING THE TUTORIALS I. ESSAYS (15% in each term) CRITERIA FOR GRADING ESSAYS IN THE FALL AND WINTER TERM The Final Essay While the emphasis will be placed on the novelty of the argument and the critical analysis thereof, the essays will be graded on the basis of the following considerations: 1. Topic : relatively free topic but must be clearly related to the course topics for the Fall and Winter respectively; relevant; very narrow! 2. Legal Content : argument should discuss basic legal issues (e.g. legal rules – legislation, court decisions-, legal policies, rights/obligations, regulations or government’s role and policies) 3. Thesis : clear statement of argument at the outset (ideally in the introduction), novelty! 4. Research : breadth and depth of research focusing on argument. 5. Analysis : critical, interdisciplinary (notably economics), depth, focus on argument, logic, balance. 6. Originality : novelty, insight, thought-provoking 7. Evidence : primarily scholarly references to support claims; avoid quotations, instead paraphrase authors’ ideas using your own words and cite source. 8. Readings: a minimum of 4 readings from the Fall kit (for the Fall essay) and Winter kit (for the Winter essay) must be cited. In general, students should show that they are familiar with the course materials and class discussions. Outside scholarly and non-scholarly readings are welcome. 9. Organization : clear structure throughout the paper i.e. introduction, development of argument by articulating the key claims with supportive references, conclusion. 1
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10. Style : clarity, flow, avoid long sentences and paragraphs, correct citation format (any but be consistent e.g. APA 1 , McGill or the like) and grammar. 11. Length : maximum double-spaced 10 pages. Do not waste space and time describing the topic without developing your argument or discussing issues that are not central to the argument of your paper. 12. Deadline : by December 3 for the Fall essay and by March 25 for the Winter essay. 13. Submission : students must hand in their final essays by the deadline in tutorials or arranged otherwise by their TAs. Excellent Essays
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AssignmGuidelinesTutorial-Sosc2330-2010-2011 - ECONOMICS OF...

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