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If we know the vector we know the components also if

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Unformatted text preview: y F or F . The forward arrow is just a nota#on, not an indica#on of direc#on to the right. Magnitude of vector is a scalar and is denoted by regular leXers. In nota#on we may write, F = F . •  A vector is represented by a directed line such that its length represents the magnitude of the vector in some scale and the arrow points to the direc#on of the vector, as shown in our example of force earlier. Thus, in that example, arrow points to the direc#on of force while the magnitude is propor#onal to the length (for example, if 1 cm length = 1N, 3cm length = 3N force in magnitude). Components of a vector •  A vector quan#ty can be projected in along some reference line or direc#on. The projec#on are usually a frac#on of the whole vector. In the following diagram, a vector A is projected along the reference ine OX. l A •  We oKen oKen project a vector to the axes O θ of Cartesian coordinate system. Thus we have x Aco...
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