Yes force and mass are dierent kinds of physical

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Unformatted text preview: here? b a Now we move on to next chapter… Any other ques#ons ?? Vectors •  You know how to add mass. Suppose we have two irons balls of masses 3kg and 2kg. If the two iron balls are fused (by hea#ng them) together and made a bigger ball, it’s mass is 5kg. The math we learned in our first grade works: 3kg + 2kg = 5kg. 3kg + 2kg = 5kg •  How about two forces ac#ng together on a block as shown in the different situa#ons described in the figure below? In the first case 3N + 2N = 5N. In the second case it is not 5N, our we can experimentally show that it is 1N. In the third case? Is the math we learned in our elementary school (eg. 2 + 3 = 5) wrong? 2N 3N 3N 3N 2N 2N It is clear that we are missing something. May be a force is a different kind of quan#ty. Yes, force and mass are different kinds of physic...
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