We get thrust m dv dm vrel dt dt example a 10000kg

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Unformatted text preview: n parts of the system are not included. acm: accelera6on of center ­of ­mass of system. Newton’s second law revisited (contd…) In order to show verify the claim that we made, take a system of three par6cles (for example), as in the figure. M rcm = m1r1 + m2 r2 + m3r3 d 2r a= 2 dt 1 3 2 Take second deriva6ve with 6me and use ⇒ Macm = m1a1 + m2 a2 + m3a3 ⇒ Macm = F1 + F2 + F3 = F1, ext + F12 + F13 + F2, ext + F21 + F23 + F3, ext + F31 + F32 ( )( )( ) Newton’s third law: F12 = − F21 , F13 =...
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