Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Today Physics 231 General University Physics...

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Physics 231 General University Physics Spring 2007 Lecture 8 Today ± Newton’s I and II Laws ² First Law ± Inertia ² Second Law ± Force ± Mass Preamble ± Demo: slide objects ² It stops because of friction ² Imagine removing friction (puck on ice) ± Demo: drop sheet of paper ² Air resistance ² Imagine removing air resistance Demo ± Galileo ² Inclined ramp ± Make horizontal ± Demo: Bowling Ball on Horizontal Ramp ± Demo (reminder): puck on air hockey table ± LD (reminder): (CC1A22) moving puck ± Natural state is motion at constant velocity Newton’s First Law ± A object that is at rest will remain at rest and an object that is moving will continue to move with uniform motion if and only if there is no net interaction with the environment. ± Uniform motion is a motion in a straight line with constant speed. ± No net interaction? For example ± Make surface level ± Neglect friction ± Credit Galileo (vs. Aristotle); Newton added framework Demo ± Ball rolling within horizontal circular ring with a gap ± What happens when the ball reaches the gap? ± Uniform motion
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Quiz: You are a passenger in a car not wearing your seat belt. Without increasing or decreasing its speed, the car make a sharp left turn, and you find yourself colliding with the right-hand door. Which is the correct analysis of the situation?
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Lecture 8 - Today Physics 231 General University Physics...

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