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Lecture 29 - Last Meeting Physics 231 General University...

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1 Physics 231 General University Physics Lecture 29 Lecture 9 1 Last Meeting ± Angular Momentum ² Rigid Body ² Conservation of Angular Momentum Lecture 9 2 Today ± Gravitation Lecture 9 3 Quiz: The Moon does not fall to Earth because It is in t h e Ea rth ’s g ra v . Th e ne t fo r ce o n i t is It is beyo n d th ma in . It is be ing pul d b y t. A l the abov None f t a ove 1% 8% 46% 29% 16% 0% 1. It is in the Earth’s gravitational field 2. The net force on it is zero. 3. It is beyond the main pull of Earth’s gravity. 4. It is being pulled by the Sun and planets as well as by the Earth. 5. All the above 6. None of the above Lecture 9 4 Circular Orbits 2 gc v Fm am r == The moon is falling! Lecture 9 5 Moon is Falling ³ Demo: Earth Globe and Tennis Ball Moon
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2 Lecture 9 6 Problem: Moon is falling ± The moon is 384,000km distant from the earth’s center and it completes an orbit in 27.3 days . ± Determine the moon’s orbital speed. ² 1.02 km/s ± How far does it “fall” in 1s? ² 1.4mm Lecture 9 7 Quiz: Suppose Earth had no atmosphere and a ball were fired from the top of Mt. Everest in a direction tangent to the ground. If the initial speed were high enough to cause the ball to travel in a circular trajectory around Earth, the ball’s acceleration would 1.
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Lecture 29 - Last Meeting Physics 231 General University...

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