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PHY 242 Lab Syllabus Fall 2007 Page 1 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY PHYSICS 242 LABORATORY COURSE SYLLABUS Fall 200 7 1. PURPOSE: This document provides detailed information regarding the Physics 242 laboratory course. This laboratory will provide an experimental environment where student research teams will be given the opportunity to explore some of the theory, concepts and physical phenomena covered in Physics 232 lecture and recitation, in a hands on, small group environment. 2. OBJECTIVES: a. Develop an understanding of selected physical phenomena explored in a laboratory setting. b. Develop an understanding of precision and accuracy in experimental work and how uncertainties in measurement effect the uncertainties in experimental results.(error propagation) c. Enhance your capabilities in creating and analyzing graphical information. d. Exercise and enhance technical writing skills. e. Exercise and enhance leadership and management skills using a small research team model. 3. SCOPE: a. The selected lab exercises, in general, follow a path similar to that used in physics 232 Lecture. b. Subjects may be introduced in lab that are not covered in Physics 232. Students should always be prepared by carefully reviewing the subject matter before entering the lab. 4. MISSION: The PHY 242 Instructional team will ensure that every student is given the opportunity to master the course objectives and achieve their full potential while seeking to improve the course pedagogy to better meet the needs of all students, both present and future. 5. EXECUTION: a. The Instructional team is composed of the following members, each with specific duties and responsibilities with respect to the conduct of the laboratory. i. Instructional Lab Specialist/Academic Coordinator (1) Provide long term vision for Instructional Lab Program. (2) Provide and coordinate resources including budget, space, personnel and equipment
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PHY 242 Lab Syllabus Fall 2007 Page 2 (3) Train and supervise teaching assistants (4) Supervise and coordinate weekly teaching meetings/seminars. (5) Supervise lab grading practices. (6) Mediate student to TA and student to student disputes. (7) Develop and publish lab manuals and materials (8) Develop new experiments and test new equipment ii. Senior Lab Teaching Assistant: (1) Setup and test all lab equipment for each lab (2) Check and reconfigure Lab set ups daily (3) Coordinate equipment needs for make up labs (4) Provide weekly summaries of equipment use and trouble shooting. iii. Lab Teaching assistants: (1) Provide a brief introduction to each Lab. (2) Serve as an advisor to the student research teams in each section. (3) Emphasize connectivity with lecture topics (4) Grade all written work IAW weekly Lab seminars/ meetings and this Syllabus. (5)
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