10- Hist 151 Rec - o Vulgar(Vulgus)=Common People o...

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Hist 151 Rec. 9/10/10 Hellenization (323-31 BC) Alexander the Great Epictetus (55-135 AD) – Rough contemporaries with Plutarch o Background Greek (Wrote in) o Epiktetos “Aquired” (was a slave) o Banish Philosophers from Rome 93 AD (started school Nicopolis) o Pupil Arrian o Stoicism Stoa (front porch of building… where they would meet) Stoic Philosophy 101 o One who is able to rise above destructive emotions o Do not be concerned about anything out of your control o Being indifferent to pleasure or pain o Detachment o Inner Control (internal code) o Moderation o Perseverance o Logos = the word Right Behavior o Restraint from judgment and lashing out (law 28) o Level-Headed/Aware Causes and Consequences o Mind your station in life Know your role
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Unformatted text preview: o Vulgar (Vulgus)=Common People o Moderation (dinner party idea) Epicurianism (Hedon) • Avoidance of pain Asceticism • Denial of all pleasure Stoicism (btw the two) • Life o In control Internal o Out of control External o Omens – Reactions (Roman’s Believed Heavily in Omens) o Family o Death We only fear death because of our opinions about it Socrates (didn’t fear death) o Desires (law 8) • Society o Materialistic o Self-Centered o Social o Death common o Place of Women Dressing provocatively (14 yrs old) This should not be the way (modest) o Family’s important o Philosophers should be more valued than they are o Hierarchical...
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10- Hist 151 Rec - o Vulgar(Vulgus)=Common People o...

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