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15-Roman Peace - space for leisure the pursuit of creature...

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Hist 151 9/14/10 The Roman Peace (Pax Romana) 27BC-ca. 180 AD: Hellenization 2.0 Why good things are said about the period Examples of the “universalism” it enacted How it set the stage for key developments to come – including the rise of Christianity Real Peace… sort of o Augustus (the name Octavian soon acquired) tried for a prosperity without (much) conquest Social Mobility o One reason the roman peace was such a (relatively) quiescent and happy time: Upward mobility a reality for many (e.g., the case of Quintus Lollius Urbicus) Bread and Circuses o
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Unformatted text preview: space for leisure, the pursuit of creature comforts • Octavian… o He found “Brick” and left it “marble” (concrete) Colosseum (built by his successors) Maison Carre (France) Pont du Gard (aqueduct) • Universalism o Roman law expressed and extended the sense of a “world-city” that was unique to the antiquity o Emperors surrounded themselves with experts in jurisprudence o Provinces “assimilated” – he allowed them to keep their own laws • Look on PPT...
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