10-1-Hist 151 rec - Arian Heresy – Jesus nor the Holy...

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Hist 151 rec 10/1/10 Gregory of Tours (539 -594) - “France” or Gaul - Comes from a family with saints o Very involved in the Church - Wrote History of the Franks o Conversion of Clovis (496) o General Conversion to Christianity, But what flavor? (See heretics) o War/Political Disruption o Heretics o Pagans o Cultural Decline Writing has Declined - Problems Facing the Catholic Church o Heretics (Physically Attacked) o Lukewarm Christians o Apologetic Beginnings o Writing in the Church – Passing on from church to church o Has to clarify faith (qualify it) People are interpreting it differently Less unified Church
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Unformatted text preview: Arian Heresy – Jesus nor the Holy Spirit aren’t = to Christ • Who are the Arians? Visigoths in Spain-Challenges to Opportunities of the Franks o Church Growth o Unification o Peace o Large-Scale Fighting o Political Struggles o Franks themselves-Triumphant o Conversion of Conquered Lands o Protection of Holy Places o Conversion of Clovis To “Orthodox” Christianity Flirted with the idea of converting to Arian-Christianity Compromised o Clovis the Barbarian Doesn’t want to share power with Rome Clovis behaving badly...
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10-1-Hist 151 rec - Arian Heresy – Jesus nor the Holy...

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