6-Charlemagne - For example: Pepin the Shorts coup of 754...

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Hist 151 10/6/10 A telling Contrast In Baghdad… PPT Scheherazade prolongs her life – Persian King (executing virgin wives) … putting off her enviable death by telling stories Meanwhile in the “West”… PPT Charles Martel, Frankish chieftain, meets Arab army at Tours in 732 (13 th c ms?) Muslims lost the battle… Meaning of ‘the West’? The Arab Empire (700-850) Of course… o The west is never a stable and unchanging identity, unshaped by contact with and infiltration with different cultures (PPT) But identity slowly emerges o There was a defensive/reactive dimension to process of self-definition o Christian (PPT) Charlemagne (768-814) o Important because he exemplified medieval Europe o Why? Christian Roman Barbarian o Christian Frankish Kings and church The “Carolingians” followed the paths cleared by Clovis and the “Merovingian”-- especially in cementing close ties with the church, binding secular and spiritual authority (two swords)
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Unformatted text preview: For example: Pepin the Shorts coup of 754 Signals Power change from the Merovingian to the Carolingians Pope Adrian appeals to C., 770s C. looked after the interest of the church worked to convert pagans, provided protection for the papacy, gave gifts to monasteries, policed ecclesiastical behavior On a trip to Rome in 800, c. was crowned Emperor of the Romans By Pope Leo III C. baptizes Saxons C. v. Arabs/Devils o Roman Aachen Cathedral Vaguely Roman Empire (Carolingian Empire) Administrative efficiency (PPT) C. led a renaissance of learning Alcuin of York Letters recover (in a way) Capitularies (laws/decrees) (PPT) Conscious imitator of Roman emperors o Barbarian Huge Guy (Big presents) 6 4 Great Warrior, always fighting his enemies Brutal when necessary (Saxons)...
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6-Charlemagne - For example: Pepin the Shorts coup of 754...

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