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6-Charlemagne - For example Pepin the Short’s coup of 754...

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Hist 151 10/6/10 A telling Contrast In Baghdad… PPT Scheherazade prolongs her life – Persian King (executing virgin wives) … putting off her enviable death by telling stories Meanwhile in the “West”… PPT Charles Martel, Frankish chieftain, meets Arab army at Tours in 732 (13 th c ms?) Muslims lost the battle… Meaning of ‘the West’? The Arab Empire (700-850) Of course… o The west is never a stable and unchanging identity, unshaped by contact with and infiltration with different cultures (PPT) But identity slowly emerges o There was a defensive/reactive dimension to process of self-definition o Christian (PPT) Charlemagne (768-814) o Important because he exemplified medieval Europe o Why? Christian Roman Barbarian o Christian Frankish Kings and church The “Carolingians” followed the paths cleared by Clovis and the “Merovingian”-- especially in cementing close ties with the church, binding secular and spiritual authority (two swords)
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Unformatted text preview: For example: Pepin the Short’s coup of 754 • Signals Power change from the Merovingian to the Carolingians Pope Adrian appeals to C., 770s C. looked after the interest of the church – worked to convert pagans, provided protection for the papacy, gave gifts to monasteries, policed ecclesiastical behavior On a trip to Rome in 800, c. was crowned “Emperor of the Romans” By Pope Leo III C. baptizes Saxons C. v. Arabs/Devils o Roman Aachen Cathedral Vaguely Roman Empire (Carolingian Empire) Administrative efficiency (PPT) C. led a “renaissance” of learning • Alcuin of York Letters recover (in a way) • Capitularies (laws/decrees) (PPT) Conscious imitator of Roman emperors o Barbarian Huge Guy (Big presents) – 6’ 4” Great Warrior, always fighting his enemies Brutal when necessary (Saxons)...
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6-Charlemagne - For example Pepin the Short’s coup of 754...

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