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13 - See PPTHist 151 - ancient learning ancient texts •...

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Hist 151 10/13/10 The 98-pound weakling acquires new confidence, new strength, new ambition… The Battle of Lechfeld (955): a date to remember! Otto 1 v. Magyars Demographic/Economic take-off. Cities on the rebound (e.g., Louis) Intellectual maturity PPT Louis VII’s charter for Louis 1155 o Why you might want to come to Lorris… Cities reemergence (by 1000-1300) Institutions builders on the rebound… o One example: The English ‘Domesday Book’ of 1086. After the Norman invasion of England… Gerbert of Aurillac in 972… o Studied logic under an obscure deacon, become an itinerant scholar, looking at manuscripts in monasteries in Germany, France, Itlay, Spain. He would eventually become Pope (Sylvester II), but not before sparking a new curiosity about
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Unformatted text preview: ancient learning, ancient texts • Aristotelian Manuscript o Teaching Aristotle’s Categories • Gregorian reform (c. 1075) + New Texts = o Cathedral Schools (train clergy) o New fascination with the tools of intellectual rigor provided by the ancients, and especially Aristotle o Efforts to explain (and iron out inconsistencies) (PPT) • Sign of a New Order o One important symptom of the new fascinations for syllogistic, or dialectical, reasoning: clarification of canon law o Gratian: The Decretum or Concordance of Discordant Cannons (PPT) • Peter Abelard’s Sic et Non (1122): one of the great examples of dialectic (Western’s first ‘Rockstar’) •...
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13 - See PPTHist 151 - ancient learning ancient texts •...

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