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Hist 151 Rec. 10/29/10 Marcilius of Padua 1150: Bernard of Clairvaux 1200: Dominic 1190 – 1250: Cathars (Southern French Heretics) 1209-1229: Albigensian Crusade 1209: Franciscan order 1215: Fourth Lateran Council 1231: Inquisition 1300 +: Mysticism 1309 – 1372: Auignon Papacy 1324: Defensor Pacis Coercion and Ministering (constant throughout timeline the way the church viewed laity) Secular Rulers View In the Conclusions by Marcilius
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Unformatted text preview: 12 and 13 in the conclusions Dislike by Secular Rulers 15 and 22 Liked by Secular Rulers Papal Party Popes didn’t like the councils why? Power resides in councils Doesn’t give the Pope any more authority than Bishops In intro Coercive Jurisdiction of the Princes/Peter being undermined in the preeminence of the apostles (therefore undermining the power of the popes) Gives power back to the laity… No one can...
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