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Hist 151 11/8/10 Byzantine influence on Italian Art Giotto was the = of a comic book artist (14 th cent. Beginning of Renaissance art) Scenes became more active… Christ (Life of a Virgin) The influence of the warmth and colors in art Northern Italian, New and Fresh look (from medieval art) Perspective a vanishing point (very mathematical art) Paulo Chello the battle of Sun Romano / master of perspective (tricky architecture) Ideal Cities Last Supper Painting Last supper picture (balance within the picture, groups of 3s (Leonardo di Vinci, 1490s) Beginning in the 14 th cent. It became respectable to investigate the human anatomy. Light Use of shadows (Netherland’s pictures/Italian man influenced by the
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Unformatted text preview: Netherlands Liked to add lots of symbols At the end of the 14 th cent., Biographies of artiest were being made… Lorenzo Ghiberti v. Brunelleschi (Ghiberti won) Michelangelo tends to paint the way he sculpts (He was very versatile) Architecture Patronage (Donatello’s Statue) a stigma attached for working for lowly people Leisure time not usually accustomed to during medieval times. Michelangelo working on a tomb, ultimately not used What changed at the end of the Renaissance? Mannerism (Late Renaissance) – Artificiality, Disquiet, Proportions are off, Carefully posed...
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