12 Hist 151 rec - • They reflect the divine •...

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Hist 151 rec 11/12/10 15 th /16 th century… Timeline Civic Humanism Machiavelli Texts Recovery of Greek/ Continues with Latin o Undermined Pope o Destabilization example = “Donation of Constantine” New tools lead to discover that it is a forgery Neo-Platonism o Pico o Philosophy All – Encompassing o Magic (Greek Element Exploration Reformation Women Are Evil (Hammer Texts) Slippery tongues o Can’t keep a secret Imperfect animal Made from a bent rib o More likely to deceive Easier to turn a women into a sinner than a man o “Though the lust of man leads them into one sin. .” Jealous and Vengeful “[She] would not take me for a midwife, [and] shall not go unpunished” Women Are Good (Agrippa Texts) Men and Women are = in soul, intelligence
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Unformatted text preview: • They reflect the divine • Wonderfulness of the female body • Woman is neither glutton nor as aggressive as man • Not made from something inanimate but a purified material • The virgin Mary was not subject to the corruption of nature • Give birth • Woman have the ability to heal • Cleanliness • Modest Women are Good (Counter Argument to Hammer& Agrippa texts) • Basically equal when it comes to their soul • Giving birth… Women are Evil (Counter Argument to Agrippa Texts) • Weird Powers Hammer & Agrippa Texts • Same time, two completely different ideas • Paradox Generally assume that later is better (progress) hard to distinguish in this case • Hammer = Bringing us back...
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12 Hist 151 rec - • They reflect the divine •...

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