26 - The Importance of Being Earnst

26 - The Importance of Being Earnst - o Adults out of touch...

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Dram 115 10/26/10 Look at Notes Online The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde o Homosexual Relations Affair with Lord Douglass, son of Marques of Queensbury? Thrown in jail (England) Wrote many of his reasons for why he acted the way he did o 1980’s Toured US (Plays more appealing with Uneducated People) The Play o A farce About Courtship (a comedy) Depends on Surprise (a tragedy turned on it’s head) Different set of stakes though Many mysteries o The little cigar box o Mystery courtship of Sicily o Jack’s parentage Adopted (no parents) He is wealthy… seen as English upper class o Series of Parallels Gender issues Behavior of Boys and Girls o Boys=unfocused, lack vision, with what to do with their lives o Girls=vice versa Rev. Chaucer o Servants the smartest in the room, but just don’t have the authority
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Unformatted text preview: o Adults out of touch Dont have a good set (3) Imbalance Lady Bracknell is the force to which young people must try there best The Well Made Play o Essentially French o A series of confrontations rising to a climax then a falling action o Balance in the Plays = Two couples, City v. CountryEtc. This play is about love o How does humanity continue? o Women feel it more strongly than men Things that dont matter in this play o Money o The rest of society Wildes Language o Clips along, moves very quickly o Epigrams (A brief witty saying often taking the reverse pt of view of something) HW assignment The Important of Being Earnest (Look at subtitle)...
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26 - The Importance of Being Earnst - o Adults out of touch...

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