IBMRS208R2 Advanced Research Methods

IBMRS208R2 Advanced Research Methods - Code IBMRS2 08R2...

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Advanced Research Methods Code IBMRS2 08R2 ECTS 2 Year of  Study 2 Block  1 Contact Hours per Week 90 min Study Load Contact Hours 8 x 90 min = 12 hrs. Self Study 44 hrs. ROM Skills driven Contribution to IBMS Profile/Competencies Dublin Descriptor(s)  KU, AK, MJ, CO, LS (See IBMS BACHELOR COMPETECENCIES MATRIX IBMRS108R1) Relation with other modules/subjects IBMPM108R1, IBMPM208R1, BCN-modules, IBMQM08R1,  IBMRS108,R2, IBMPM308R2, IBMRS308R3, IBMR408R4,  IBMTHS05R4 Learning Track  SEE DOCUMENT Starting Level Entrance level propedeutics Formulating a well defined the research goal according to standards 1 Clearly identifying and defining the research problem(s) and linking this to the  organisational context and the research goal. Formulating clear cut research questions. The research questions must be consistent  with the formulated research goal and address adequately the identified research  problem(s). Make a well argued choice for a specific research strategy which is fitting the  research questions, goal of the research and the identified research problem(s).  Take effective measures to ensure the creditability of the collected data 2 . Preparing qualitative data for analysis . 1 See checklist in document “Research proposal key element.doc” and Saunders (2009) chapter 2 2 For surveys the following measures must be implemented: ensuring adequate response rate, checks on the quality of the questionnaire, preventing biased ness of interviewers and control over interviewers. For case
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IBMRS208R2 Advanced Research Methods - Code IBMRS2 08R2...

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