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Unformatted text preview: University of Sunderland Master of Business Administration (MBA) Global Corporate Strategy Published by The University of Sunderland The publisher endeavours to ensure that all its materials are free from bias or discrimination on grounds of religious or political belief, gender, race or physical ability. These course materials are produced from paper derived from sustainable forests where the replacement rate exceeds consumption. The copying, storage in any retrieval system, transmission, reproduction in any form or resale of the course materials or any part thereof without the prior written permission of the University of Sunderland is an infringement of copyright and will result in legal proceedings. University of Sunderland 2004 Every effort has been made to trace all copyright owners of material used in this module but if any have been inadvertently overlooked, the University of Sunderland Press will be please to make the necessary arrangement at the first opportunity. These materials have been produced by the University of Sunderland Business School in conjunction with Resource Development International. Global Corporate Strategy Contents How to use this workbook Introduction Unit 1 Strategy Defined and Key Concepts Introduction 1 Definition of Strategy 2 Levels of Strategy 5 Strategic Concepts 7 Strategic Thinking 9 Strategic Models 12 Summary 34 Unit 2 Strategic Capability Introduction 37 The Different Management Perspectives 38 Portfolio Management 39 The Core competencies perspective 48 Divestment 51 Summary 57 Unit 3 Globalisation Introduction 61 What is Globalisation 61 The Globalisation of Markets 66 The Globalisation of Production 68 Drivers of Globalisation 70 The Changing Demographics of the Global Economy 73 The Globalisation Debate: Prosperity or Impoverishment? 76 Managing in the Global Marketplace 78 Summary 88 Unit 4 Altering the Boundary Alliances and Mergers Introduction 91 Paradox of Competition and Co-operation 92 Global Strategic Alliances 92 Mergers and Acquisitions 104 Summary 131 Unit 5 Value Management Introduction 133 Paradox of Profitability and Responsibility 134 The Concept of Value 134 Value Management 137 What is a Value-Driven Approach 141 Summary 151 Unit 6 Corporate Governance and Ethics Introduction 155 Corporate Governance 156 Business Ethics 173 Summary 188 Unit 7 Managing Complexity Introduction 191 Paradox of Control and Chaos 192 Systems Thinking 193 Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) 200 Strategic Control? 204 Summary 207 Unit 8 Knowledge Management Introduction 209 Theoretical Concepts on Knowledge 210 Knowledge 212 Knowledge Transfer 215 Practical steps to promote Knowledge Management 218 Summary 237 Unit 9 Innovation Introduction 239 Innovation strategies 240 Innovation and established companies 241 Conclusion 248 Summary 255 Unit 10 Strategic IT and e-Business Introduction 259 The Link between Business and IT Strategy 260 IT Strategy Methodology 264 Summary 275 References 276 5 Global Corporate Strategy Global Corporate Strategy Contents How to use this workbook...
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