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Douglas MacArthur - 1 Geisler General Douglas MacArthur...

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Geisler General Douglas MacArthur Michael Geisler MILS 1010 CPT Forehand 16 November 2010 1
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\ American general Douglas MacArthur attained widespread fame throughout his military career in the Pacific during World War II. He attended the United States Military Academy in 1899 where he went on to graduate first in his class, and achieved the highest average at the academy in nearly twenty-five years. He commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers. MacArthur’s first assignment upon graduation was in the Philippines, and was promoted to first lieutenant soon after. Not long after, he was assigned to be his father’s aide-de-camp in Japan. Then he completed a tour in the Middle East, which he deemed as the "most important preparation of my entire life" (notable biographies). Upon arrival in the United States, MacArthur became the aide-de-camp to President Teddy Roosevelt. During World War One he was appointed chief-of-staff of the Rainbow Division, composed of the 83 rd and 84 th Infantry Brigades, which MacArthur is credited for naming. The division took part in the four major parts of World War One: the Champagne- Marne, the Aisne-Marne, the battle of Saint-Mihiel, and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. From his actions while commanding this division, such as personally leading troops into battles sometimes without a weapon of his own, during World War One, he returned with many military honors and rose as an incredibly talented leader. Douglas MacArthur was nominated for a Medal of Honor, awarded the Distinguished Service Cross twice, and awarded the Silver Star seven times for his service during World War One. Once he returned home from the war he was promoted to Brigadier General and served as
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Douglas MacArthur - 1 Geisler General Douglas MacArthur...

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