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kofman_v_week2lab - Math 221 Week 2 Lab Submitted by...

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Math 221 Week 2 Lab Submitted by: Vitaliy Kofman Part 1. Random Sampling It's important for auditors to randomly select files to audit because it will save time and will give them a good overall idea how most of the files are doing. By using the random sampling, everyone has an equal chance to get selected and you are not discriminating against anyone in particular since Excel does everything for you and everyone has equal chance of being selected. I performed the random sapling by first assigning numbers 1-74 next to each of the account names. Then I activated the analysis toolpak and highlighted numbers 1-74, followed by function to generate 20 random samples. Since I got some duplicate numbers, I performed this action a couple times until all numbers were different. Finally, I copied/pasted results into the ordered pair column and used the "sort ascending" function to organize the data. These are the results: 2 - AB 6 - AE 12 - AL 16 - AP 19 - AR 36 - BJ 38 - BL 40 - BN 43 - BQ 45 - BR 46 - BT 48 - BV 51 - BY 52 - BZ 58 - CF 61 - CI 65 - CM 67 - CO 69 - CQ 71 - CS
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Part 2.
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