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Patrick Quarterman A40474664 Group Organizations The first group meeting that I attended was one for the Solar Car Team. This is a student led group that is building a drive able car that is powered by solar energy. Once this car is built, it is used in competition around the nation. The group has three leaders, each in charge of a certain aspect—Rick Pockington is in charge of the business part, Joel Anderson in charge of the electrical team and Ryan Blake in charge of the mechanical team. The groups meet separately on their own schedules, and occasionally the leaders meet together to share progress. While the group was interesting, it was not one
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Unformatted text preview: that I felt up to joining at this point. The second group that I visited was the Society of Applied Engineering Students. This group’s goal is to have Applied Engineering students get to know each other and learn about the industry they are going to be in one day. Unfortunately I forgot the leaders of the group’s names. They meet periodically throughout each month. I liked the idea of the group, but since I know I will not pursue Applied Engineering this group is not for me....
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