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Patrick Quarterman PID: A40474664 003_Quarterman_Patrick_HW02 The world is run by fossil fuels—current estimates are that 86% of power comes from fossil fuels 1 . A growing fear in the world is that our fossil fuel source will run out and that an alternative fuel source must be developed. Best case scenarios predict that fossil fuels will be exhausted in 50 to 70 years 2 . A viable alternative to fossil fuels would be nuclear energy-- estimates show that uranium alone could power humanity for as long as five billion years 3 ! Unfortunately there have been no new Nuclear Power plants to open in the United States in recent years. The reason for this is that Nuclear Power is thought to be unsafe by the general public and so it receives little funding by the government and private sector. The issue for Engineers is to get around this “red tape” of nuclear power so that more plants can be constructed to power the world. In this particular situation, engineers are being held back by political and social factors. People
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