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Patrick Quarterman A40474664 003_Quarterman_Patrick_HW03 In our group, John was the only introverted member and the rest of us were extraverted. This provided for a group that got over being complete strangers rather quickly and moving right on to work. Andre and Mike were both sensitive thinkers, while John and I were intuitive. This led to John and I wanting to plan the car out ahead of time with no supplies, and Mike and Andre wanting to go to the store right away to get a hands on feel for what may and may not work. This worked out as a good combination, because it allowed us to get a good idea of what we wanted before rushing in, but then getting a more clear idea by seeing what will and will not work. We were all “thinking” types, which meant that all of our decisions tended to be based on what worked and was a good idea, and not other social factors. Having all thinking types was perfect for
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Unformatted text preview: this project, but could provide a challenge for future projects that may have more disagreements and figuring out how to solve them. John and Andre were Perceiving types while Mike and I were judging types. This led to two of us wanting to have the car planned out ahead of time on a strict schedule with the other two wanting more of an improvised schedule. This had potential for conflict, but we worked around it well by having set meeting times to work, and picking what to work on as it came up. I think that this would be the area to be careful of in future projects, as Andre and John were more up to leaving things to last minute, while Mike and I wanted to get things done well ahead of time. As we had a good mix of personality types we didn’t tend to get stuck on one train of thought, which is good....
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