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Patrick Quarterman A40474664 College Expenses Plan I am attending Michigan State University so that I may attain a degree in Physics in order to move on to graduate school in the same subject, and eventually get a job in particle physics. I currently estimate that I will graduate in the spring of 2012. Each year will cost approximately $21,000 including books, room and board etc. with no scholarships or summer jobs. The current cost of my freshman year after scholarships and money saved is $8,000. This then creates an estimation of $71,000 for MSU with no job or scholarships that I have yet to receive. This then puts my cost of schooling at $44,000 when I graduate from Michigan State. From there I plan to attend graduate school; I am currently planning on MIT. At MIT I am planning to get a stipend which covers tuition and parts of the expenses for living, as I would be doing research there. At this rate I estimate breaking even for grad school (Cost of Living). Each summer I plan to intern for physics research, which is an estimated pay of $12 an
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This note was uploaded on 11/16/2010 for the course EGR 100 taught by Professor Hinds during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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003_Quarterman_Patrick_HW05 - PatrickQuarterman A40474664...

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