4_Quarterman_Patrick_HW07B - for each composition

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Patrick Quarterman Section 4, HW07B Script: function [] = Explosion(p,T,m) %Patrick Quarterman, Section 4 %HW07B %Inputs: density (p), tensile stregnth (T) and mass (m) as vectors %Outputs: Shatter depth as array and as vector for each composition V=[8750 8400 5270]; %Blast velocity (m/s) C=[6239 10.2 120.1]; %Concentration factor (kg^2/m^10) %Calculate each row vector for B SC=(10*m*V(1)^2*C.^.5/(p*T))'; %Calculates B for shaped charge for each composition LB=(10*m*V(2)^2*C.^.5/(p*T))'; %Calculates B for loose bulk
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Unformatted text preview: for each composition TB=(10*m*V(3)^2*C.^.5/(p*T))'; %%Calculates B for Tamped Bulk for each composition %Display Outputs: B=[SC LB TB] ANFO=B(:,3) Tamped_Bulk=B(3,:) Tamped_Bulk_ANFO=B(3,3) Command Window: >> p=2700 p = 2700 >> T=25*10^6 T = 25000000 >> m=10 m = 10 >> Explosion(p,T,m) B = 8.9592 8.2568 3.2499 0.3623 0.3339 0.1314 1.2430 1.1456 0.4509 ANFO = 3.2499 0.1314 0.4509 Tamped_Bulk = 1.2430 1.1456 0.4509 Tamped_Bulk_ANFO = 0.4509...
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4_Quarterman_Patrick_HW07B - for each composition

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