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Patrick Quarterman Section 4, HW08B MATlab script: function [Volume] = Water_Tank(Height) %Patrick Quarterma, Section 4 %HW08B %inputs: height (m) %outputs: volume (m^3) %Given values R=2; %Radius for cylinder part in meters d=1.5; %depth of container in meters if Height>5*R %display error if H is too large or negative error( 'Overtop' ) elseif Height<0 error( 'Negative Height' ) end if Height<R %Calculate volume for when height is in
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Unformatted text preview: cylinder only Volume=d*(R^2*acos((R-Height)/R)-R*(R-Height)*sin((acos((R-Height)/ R)))); elseif Height>=R %calculate volume for Height is greater than cylinder height Volume=((pi*R^2*d)/2)+(Height-R)*d*2*R; end Command Window: >> Water_Tank(1.5) ans = 6.4563 >> Water_Tank(2.5) ans = 12.4248 >> Water_Tank(6) ans = 33.4248 >> Water_Tank(8.5) ans = 48.4248...
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4_Quarterman_Patrick_HW08B - cylinder only...

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