4_Quarterman_Patrick_HW09B - er=100*abs(x(i+1) -...

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Patrick Quarterman Section 4 HW09B Script: function [Sqrt,iterations]=SquareRoot(a) %Patrick Quarterman Section 4 %Estimate the square root of a number using divide and average method %Inputs: any number %outputs estimated squre root if a<0 %test to make sure number is positive error( 'Please enter a positive number' ) else guess = a/2; %set starting values for while loop i=1; er=1; x(i)=guess; n=0; while er > 0.1 x(i+1)=(x(i)+a/x(i))/2; %square root estiamtion
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Unformatted text preview: er=100*abs(x(i+1) - x(i))/abs(x(i+1)); i=i+1; n=n+1; end Sqrt = x(end); iterations = n; end Commands: &gt;&gt; [Sqrt,iterations]=SquareRoot(.5) Sqrt = 0.7071 iterations = 5 &gt;&gt; [Sqrt,iterations]=SquareRoot(25) Sqrt = 5.0000 iterations = 5 &gt;&gt; [Sqrt,iterations]=SquareRoot(17161) Sqrt = 131.0000 iterations = 9 &gt;&gt; [Sqrt,iterations]=SquareRoot(-10) ??? Error using ==&gt; SquareRoot at 8 Please enter a positive number...
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4_Quarterman_Patrick_HW09B - er=100*abs(x(i+1) -...

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