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Patrick Quarterman, Section 4 Problem 3 Script %Script 'Drag Coefficient' %Patrick Quarterman, Section 4 %Finds Area, drag coefficient and error of car drag %Quantities Given: v=26.8; %velocity (m/s) (scalar) p=1.2; %air density (scalar) Fd=[151 114]; %drag force in N %Car Dimension first column is engineer A, second is B w=[2.06 1.75];
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Unformatted text preview: %meters h=[2.01 1.48]; %meters hL=[1.4 .858]; %meters %Calculates Area for each car A=.436.*w./(h-hL); %Calculates Drag Coefficient Cd=2*Fd./(p*A*v^2) %unitless %Test if within 5 percent of goal CdTest=Cd>.209 & Cd<.231 MATlab Commands: >> run Drag_Coefficient Cd = 0.2380 0.2157 CdTest = 0 1...
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