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Locations A. Aquifer B. Lake C. Dam D. River E. Manufacturing Facility F. Farm G. City H. Secondary Water Source Flow of Water i. Water leaves the aquifer and into the lake a. Based on the volume of water in the aquifer i. While loop to check volume in the aquifer and lake since the volume is controlled by the height ii. While loop to check the height of the water in the aquifer to control the flow rate ii. Water flows from the lake into the river in controlled amounts by the dam. a. Controlled by team and keep the lake within a mandated range b. May add more water into the river to maintain pollution density iii. Certain quantities of water is taken from the manufacturing facility a. Seasonally changes A B * C D E G H F Key - Verification of pollution level (If the level does not meet the specifications, the dam and/or the secondary water source will release water into the river). * - Water level must be checked - ‘If statement’ if pollution density is too high
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Unformatted text preview: i. i.a.i i.a.ii ii. ii.a iii. iv. v. v.a vi. vii. vii.a viii. Megan Buczkowski Kelsey Downey Keith Laurenz Patrick Quarterman Kelly Rossi Group 4H iv. Same volume of pollutant is dispensed into the river v. Test the pollution density in the river a. If it does not meet the standards, return back to step ii. to decrease the pollution concentration by adding more water i. While loop to control pollution density vi. Water is consumed by the farm in a specified amount a. Water amount varies seasonally vii. River waters pollution density is tested again before entering the city a. If it does not meet the standards, go to step viii. for either lowering pollution density or supplying the mandated amount of water for the city viii. Water from a secondary source flows into the river a. Constant output...
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4_Team4H_HW13A_flowchart - i. i.a.i i.a.ii ii. ii.a iii....

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