Psych 320 study guide ch 1 & 2

Psych 320 study guide ch 1 & 2 - Katie Silva February...

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Unformatted text preview: Katie Silva February 10, 2008 Psych320 Study Guide Chapter 2 & 3 Vocabulary Learning- relatively permanent change in behavior that results from experience o Different from maturation o Differs from any effects on behavior that come from fatigue Variable- anything that varies Independent variable- experimenter has control over (dose of medication) Dependent variable- what is measured in the end, how the behavior changed Functional relationship- how they affect each other o relationship between environment (independent) & behavior (dependent) o always correlational, never causual stimulus- anything that can potentially affect the behavior response- anything a person/animal does overt response- observable by people around covert response- not directly observed by people around (thought), equally modifiable appetitive stimuli- anything a person will approach aversive stimuli- anything a person will avoid o determined by what behaviors result establishing operations- something you do with client that increases appetitiveness or aversiveness of stimuli o deprivation and satiation are most common establishing operations Contiguity- closeness; time, distance, etc o associated, formally no relationship o hot-cold, bread-butter, one-two contingency- real relationship, not just associated o predictive relationship; if, than inter-rater reliability- correlation between observation of observers, measure w/ checklist classical conditioning- stimulus response model o through pairing, new stimulus evokes response operant conditioning- response stimulus model o emit behavior environment changes o behavior consequence Katie Silva Measurements of Behavior...
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Psych 320 study guide ch 1 & 2 - Katie Silva February...

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