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mamtesta3 - E This never happens due to genetic controls 12...

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Unformatted text preview: E) This never happens due to genetic controls. 12. During oogenesis three polar bodies develop. What happens to them? A) They participate in the formation of the extra embryonic membranes. B) They provide yolk to nourish the early embryo. C) They help to form the placenta D) They disintegrate or become nonfunctional E) They are incorporated into the inner cell mass. 13. What would happen if capacitation never occurred? A) The egg (oogonium) could never mature. B) Ejaculation could not occur. C) The sperm could not reach the egg. D) Ovulation could not occur. E) Spermiogenesis would be impeded 14. Which structure is derived from the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity? . A) Tunica vaginalis. B) Perineal raphe. C) Spermatic cord. D) Tunica albuginea. E) Mediastinum testis. 15. An image produced by passing visible light through a specimen is obtained using the A) transmission electron microscope. B) light microscope. C) scanning electron microscope. D) dissecting scope. E) ocular examination method. 16. The movement of glucose across a plasma membrane is achieved by A) ion pumps. . B) receptor-mediated exocytosis. C) osmosis. D) facilitated diffusion E) phagocytosis. l7. Fertilization accomplishes a number of things. Select the exception A) Establishes the three primary germ layers- " B) Combines male and female genetic material. C) Determines the sex of the organism. D) Initiates cleavage. E) Restores the diploid number of chromosomes. ...
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