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mamtesta4 - 18 From which primary germ layer is the nervous...

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Unformatted text preview: 18. From which primary germ layer is the nervous system derived? A) Ectoderm. B) Mesodenn C) Endodenn D) None of the choices are correct. B) All of the choices are correct. 19- Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium would be found A) lining portions of the respiratory system. B) lining the larger blood vessels. C) lining the oviduct. D) lining the large kidney tubules. E) lining ducts of sweat glands. 20. “Trust your own eyes and practice dissection.” was advice given by: A) Aristotle B) Galen C) Hippocrates D) Vesalius E) Harvey 21. The heart is confined within a double—walled serous membrane sec. The part of the membrane that is in contact with the heart is A) serous layer. B) visceral layer. C) parietal layer. D) synovial layer. B) mesothelial layer. 22. Where in the body would you find a glial cell? A) In the stomach. B) In the cardiovascular system. C) In the immune system. D) In the nervous system B) In the skeletal system. 23. The reticular layer of the dermis consists primarily of A) adipose. B) muscle. C) dense irregular connective tissue. D) nervous tissue. E) elastic connective tissue. 24. The structure possible for actually pulling on the follicle and causing “goose bumps” is the A) external root sheath. ...
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