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page 1 Bio 3324 Molecular Biology Exam I October 13, 2009 This exam is worth a total of 100 points 1. a. Give two methods that can be used to denature double stranded DNA. (2 pts.) b. What bonds are being broken and are they covalent or non-covalent? (2 pts.) c. The following is a segment of the sequence of single stranded DNA used as a template for mRNA synthesis. Write the sequence of the corresponding mRNA transcribed from it (use the conventional 5’-3’ orientation). (2 pts.) 5’- AGTCATGACCAAGAC - 3’ d. It is believed that life began with genomes composed of RNA and not DNA. Name a structural difference between RNA and DNA that may account for why organisms evolved DNA genomes. Explain your reasoning. (4 pts.) e. The following recognition sites for the following restriction enzymes are given below and the arrow indicates the cleavage sites: Sau3AI NotI SalI XhoI 5’-GATC-3’ 5’-GCGGCCGC-3’ 5’-GTCGAC-3’ 5’-CTCGAG-3’ 3’-CTAG-5’ 3’-CGCCGGCG-5’ 3’-CAGCTG-5’ 3’-GAGCTC-5’ i. Which enzyme cuts the most frequently in DNA and which the least frequently? (2 pts.) ii. Which of the two enzymes above produces fragment ends that would be compatible with each other for cloning? (2 pts.) 2. a. The number of genes in the human genome is estimated to be about 23,000, similar to the number of genes in the simple round worm, C. elegans (19,000). And yet we have 3.3 x 10 9 bp in our haploid genome and worms have only 9.7 x 10 7 bp. What accounts for this discrepancy in overall genome size? (3 pts.) b. Genetic maps can be constructed using phenotypic traits, restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) or single polynucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). i) Which of these three methods shows Mendelian inheritance? (1 pt.)
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Exam I-09 - page 1 Bio 3324 Molecular Biology Exam I...

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