Practice RFLP problem-10(2)

Practice RFLP problem-10(2) - sickle cell anemia Explain...

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Practice RFLP problem a) The gene for sickle cell anemia is inherited with the RFLP XL322 94.7% of the time. It is inherited with the RFLP NM502 98.6% of the time. Both of these RFLPs are used diagnostically to predict who will inherit the gene for the disease. Is the polymorphism present in each RFLP also responsible for causing
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Unformatted text preview: sickle cell anemia? Explain why or why not? b) What is the distance is bp between RFLP XL322 and NM502, assuming they are both on the same side of the hemolglobin gene responsible for causing sickle cell anemia. Ignore tlhe length of the hemoglobin gene itself. In humans 1% recombination is equal to 1 x 10 6 bp....
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