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Stat_340_and_Stat_331_Project_A_and_B - Stat 340 and Stat...

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Stat 340 and Stat 331 Project A & B Title Page: A title page should give title, name and ID. In the case of Project A your group members should be given, sorted by last name as well as your group colour and number. Pre-amble: Project A is for all students, and can be (recommended) group work. Project A is a summary of the work you have done for the mini project. Project B is for those students who are eligible as defined by the outline. It is an individual project. You are not permitted to work with anyone on this project except the instructor and TAs. Any information gathered from course-external sources will need to be cited properly. Project B will be given out by the last week of class. It will be on a topic defined by the instructor. What this means?? No final exam. Due: Both project A and B are due at the same time: Aug. 6 th , 3pm, in MC6028 (Joan Hatton). Style: Written for the layman (i.e. describe in simple terms what it is you are doing).
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