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Tutorial 3 Stat 340 – Spring 2010 Question 1 Problem: “Spread the Net” (see: http://www.spreadthenet.org/ ) is a charity that wants to donate nets to the people of Africa to prevent the spread of malaria. Due to the political difficulties that the group has encountered in Africa they have found that few nets get to the desired location. The current methodology is to buy the nets in the US (U) and ship them via boat to the African (A) continent. The nets then travel by truck to a depot (D) where locals pick them up and transport them the rest of the way (E). Please see the diagram below. At the moment, nets are lost at every node. Because of costs the modes of transportation cannot change. However, the charity believes additional depots that are closer to where the nets are needed might be a good idea. The question is how many should they build? The researchers simulate the current situation and compare it to having 2, 3 and 4 depots. The output from the simulation is the average number of nets that have reached their intended audience as well as how long they wait at each point in the system. Shipping containers travel from U to A according to a poisson process with rate 1 per week. The containers are loaded onto trucks and shipped after 0.1 weeks. Trucks travel from A to D with inter-arrival times which are uniformly distributed between 1 and 3 weeks. The locals pick them up after 0.1 weeks. The researchers model the simulation as a 2 server model to begin with (E and U are starting and ending points). Nets I) The notation for this system is a. M/M/2 b. M/G/2 c. G/M/2 d. G/G/2 e. None of the above II) The servers in this case are in a. Perpendicular b. Parallax c. Parallel d. Series e. None of the above III) In the new system the researchers decide to put the 3 (total) depots in parallel. The time between
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Tutorial3_Stat340 - Tutorial 3 Stat 340 Spring 2010...

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