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midterm review sheet - Katie Silva Midterm Review Sheet...

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Unformatted text preview: Katie Silva Midterm Review Sheet Hinduism General Facts One of the oldest religious traditions There is no real founder Believe that you can have or achieve whatever you want Healthy approach to sexuality o Karma Sutra- sex manual, enjoyment of life and the body Have a caste system Worship multiple gods o Choose god based on what looking for or need o Male, female, animal, counterparts Diwali- the festival of lights o Similar to Hanukah and Christmas Eating beef is now a sin when it used to not be, cows are holy, sacred animal, fertility of the earth Hindu texts are written in Sanskrit Buddhism & Jainism- 2 religious traditions that separated from Hinduism o reaction against the caste system o Hindus still accepted them after broke away and protested water is significant in cleansing the exterior as well as the internal Hindus do not have specific days/times to worship Puja- offering/sacrifices offered to gods while worshipping/praying Soma- liquid of plant, drink for immortality Gods Indrah- most mentioned/famous god, similar to Zeus Agni- god of fire, second to Indrah in popularity Trimurti = trinity, 3 gods o Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu o Brahma- creator o Shiva- destroyer o Vishnu- protector Shiva has 2 female counterparts o Kali- negative o Parvati- lovely, feminine o Female avatars Vishnu can take on human form- Krishna o Krishna- portrayed as young man, baby, small boy, plays flute & mesmerize ladies Ganesh- the elephant god o Has 4 arms, heads, etc. to see in all directions o Shivas son, disobeyed, punishment was given an elephant head Hanuman- the monkey gods o Have their own temple Brahman- ultimate divine being, invisible but everywhere, spirit Atman- individual soul, innermost self 1 Katie Silva Midterm Review Sheet o Essence of Hinduism- to realize the oneness of Brahman and Atman Yoga Used to distress, calm down Increase flexibility Meditation or concentration Exercise Jnana- yoga of knowing...
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midterm review sheet - Katie Silva Midterm Review Sheet...

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