Exam II Vocabulary Words

Exam II Vocabulary Words - CS 1316 Exam II Vocabulary Words...

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CS 1316: Exam II Vocabulary Words Array: A wrapper class that can store a collection of data in the same datatype. Each item in an array is an element which is indexed (starting at 0, not 1). Block: A set of open and close curly braces. All statements in the block together are considered one statement. Boolean: values that express the truth: true or false Boolean expression: A logical expression that is greater than, equal to, or less than the other, or connected by a logical variable, logical constant (true or false), or logical operator. Casting: A way to explain that variable contains a method. For example ((Student) fred) lets Java know to treat fred as a Student and execute student methods. Circular linked list: A linked list where the end points to the head. Can be used to store cyclical animations such as walking motion. Class: The blueprint or “framework” from which objects are instantiated. Classes define variables (fields) and behaviors (methods) that every object will have, and sometimes also define static fields/methods that are stored in the class (shared by all objects). Class hierarchy: This is depicted in a tree form and represents the inheritance relationships among classes. Constructor: A constructor gets called when a new object (instance) is created. It has the same name of the class itself. Data encapsulation: Conceals the functional details of a class from objects that send messages to it. Definition (vs. Implementation): For scene graphs, implementing the nodes and branches. A tree can be of any depth (relates to definition), which is the maximum number of nodes visited to get from the root to a leaf node or complexity. Double:
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Exam II Vocabulary Words - CS 1316 Exam II Vocabulary Words...

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