A y x 0 1 x b c e y x 0 1 x y x 1

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Unformatted text preview: entities are true regarding the expected or mean value of Y when x x ? A. Y x 0 1 x B. C. E. Y x ( 0 1 ) x Y x 1 x D. Y x 0 Y x 0 ANSWER: A 3. If the error sum of squares is 12 and the total sum of squares is 400, then the proportion of observed y variation explained by the simple linear regression model is A. 0.030 B. 0.173 C. 0.970 D. 0.985 E. None of the above answers are correct. ANSWER: C 4. In simple linear regression analysis, if the residual sum of squares is zero, then the coefficient of determinat...
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