Ydecreasesby3whenxincreasesby4 d theslopeofthelineis3

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Unformatted text preview: between ‐1 and zero D. 1 E. between ‐1 and 1 ANSWER: B 7. Which of the following statement is not true if y 3x 7 ? A. The y‐intercept is 7 B. y decreases by 3 when x increases by 1 C. y decreases by 3 when x increases by 4 D. The slope of the line is ‐3 ANSWER: C 8. The simple linear regression model is Y 0 1 x , where is a random variable assumed to be normally distributed with E ( ) 0 and V ( ) 2 . Let x denote a particular value of the independent variable x. Which of the following identities are true regarding the expected or mean value of Y when x x ? Y x 1 x A. Y x 0 B. Y x 0 1 x C. Y x ( 0 1 ) x D. Y x 0 E. ANSWER: C [2 points for submission. 2 points for each question. Total is 10.]...
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