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ISyE2028A, Fall 2010 Version A: 1. In inference for a difference in the means of two normal distributions, which one of the following is the test statistic (or pivotal quantity)? A. µ െµ . B. X െX C. D. x ିx ିሺµ ିµ Answer: D 2. In hypotheses testing with null hypothesis H െµ ൌ0 and alternative hypothesis H െµ 0 , let Z be the test statistic and assume that µ and µ are means of two normal distributions with known variances, which one of the following gives the correct critical region? A. z ൐z ஑/ଶ or z ൏െz ஑/ଶ B. z ൐t ,୬ିଵ or z ൏െt ,୬ିଵ C. z ൐z D. z ൐t ஑,୬ିଵ Answer: A 3. In a hypothesis testing problem, suppose the p value is computed to be 0.0059 and level of the test
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q06_sol - ISyE2028A,Fall2010 SolutionstoQuiz6(versionA&B)...

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