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TOK video notes 1 - Sensory and memory produce the...

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Nelson 1 Melissa Nelson Ms. Lorenzi IB TOK 24 September 2010 Video Notes The brain takes chaos and orders it Incoming light in converted to energy/ info breaks Cerebral cortex- tightly packed columns: neurons sort and process/ outlines form Strokes can interrupt neuro-pathways Cells convert touch into special signals Sent to strip of cortex to turn into information Sound produced by physical vibrations Rattle bones-cochlea Pathways to auditory cortex Smell: oldest of evolution Picked up by cilia and sent to nerves Attached to emotional and hormonal systems Taste- four variations Salty, sour, bitter, and sweet Use memory to determine what food to eat
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Unformatted text preview: Sensory and memory produce the perception • Data constantly streams into the brain Nelson 2 • Deconstructed and reconstructed in our brains The brain uses its senses to allow people to perceive the world around them. Without the brain to sort and process all of the information around us, we would not be able to perceive things with our sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. The overlying method in regards to how the brain sorts information is by taking in the information, such as light, vibrations, etc, and breaking it down for the neurons in our heads to process, and then re-building it so we can process it in our minds ourselves....
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TOK video notes 1 - Sensory and memory produce the...

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