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TOK video notes 2 - • With memory one can remember...

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Nelson 1 Melissa Nelson Ms. Lorenzi IB TOK 27 September 2010 Video Notes Sight is limited by size Our size effects our perspective of the world Examples how an ant or a skyscraper looks for us According to what we see we form schemas Schemas aid in later memory We rely on our memories when we perceive different things What is perceived depends on placement Touch stems from memory To recognize what is touch you first must remember it Touch can be both physical and emotional Main senses of the body is touch and sight They are very helpful Even without these senses people can learn to adjust They rely on other senses more Sight depends on both memory and perspective
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Unformatted text preview: • With memory one can remember something from the past • To recognize one anther Sight and touch are two of the most relied upon senses among human beings. Without these senses, humans must learn to rely upon other senses to survive. Sight is a type of sense that changes perceptions with each human being. To children, Nelson 2 adults appear huge; to adults, children appear very small. This is a type of perspective that people have. Touch is similar in that it relies upon something else to make sense. With touch, memory is essential, because you cannot touch something and know what it is unless you remember it first....
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TOK video notes 2 - • With memory one can remember...

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