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Unformatted text preview: Adam and Adam and Eve: Eve TheThe CreationMan Creation of of Man By: Claudia Regio and Ava Lukens By: Claudia Regio and Ava Lukens Upon the dawn of time, God created the Earth and the skies. He then created the first man in his own image, Adam, to roam and inhabit the Earth, but Adam was lonely on his own and needed a partner. God then created Eve— the first woman—from Adam’s rib to live with Adam on Earth. They were his most prized creation. He sent them to live in the idyllic Garden of Eden and “lest he put forth his hand. “..and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever“ he said. Adam and Eve were aloud to do whatever they wanted in the garden and eat from any of the trees. He did however forbid them from eating the fruit of one tree: The Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil). To test Adam and Eve, God allowed Satan to roam the Earth in the form of a serpent knowing that he would try to coax the two humans into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The serpent wooed Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, telling her that upon eating the fruit, she would gain the knowledge of God which would allow her to tell the differences in right and wrong. Eve was tempted by the promises of the serpent and took the fruit. She convinced Adam to eat from the tree as well and told him of the knowledge he would gain from it. The two ate the fruit "and the eyes of the two of them were opened.” God punished them for disobeying him and eating the forbidden fruit and forced them to leave the Garden of Eden and go into the world to work for their own food and face the hardships of life. The Message The overall message of the story of Adam and Eve is that temptation is everywhere. There are people who want to pull you off track and try to coax you into the wrong, your own curiosity and wants are what decide you own actions. The message also has to deal specifically with Adam. He knew that eating the apple from the tree of knowledge was wrong, but he did it anyway. He was the first on Earth and knew what loneliness felt like; he ate the apple with Eve because he didn’t want to be alone in silent misery like he had been before God had created her. Key Terms: In his image Lonely From Adam’s rib Garden of Eden The Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil Satan In the form of a serpent Forbidden Fruit Punished To face the hardships of life Allusions to Adam and Eve Desperate House Wives On the left: the apples around them allude to the apple that Eve took from the tree of knowledge. The caption in the picture: “Tempting isn’t it?” refers to the temptation that the forbidden fruit held as does the bottom caption: “The guilty pleasure returns…” Above: A direct allusion to the story of Adam and Eve; it shows Eve holding the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge. The opening to Desperate Housewives shows and apple crushing Adam which alludes to the problems that eating the apple brought. The apple doesn’t fall on Eve, telling us that she was the reason that Adam was punished (his undoing) even though she was punished as well. The Chronicles of Narnia In the Chronicles of Narnia, the four main characters are referred to as the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve, obviously referring to the children that Adam and Eve had that soon became the whole human population. In the Chronicles of Narnia, the prophecy refers to “two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve. Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve refer to the human race which originated from the two. The Sistine Chapel Michelangelo Buonorotti painting on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel God’s creation of man (Adam) Work Cited,%20Creation%20of%20Man.jpg­garden­of­eden.jpg ...
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