The Fearful Man in Mask


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W ILL  T RUONG P ERIOD  3 T HE  F EARFUL  M AN   IN  M ASK Joyce was just a child when it first happened. Her family lived in a rural neighborhood called Domo. It was in the state of New York. Mountains surrounded the town and there was only one road in and out of the town. That road led to a highway which led into other towns. Joyce's family was asleep in the bedrooms upstairs. She was two years old when it happened. She was just a baby. She awakened to a loud crash, which could only be believed to be the screen door on the back of the house. Maybe it was just her father coming in from work, or maybe it was an intruder. The intruder went up the stairs and with an axe, walked into the first bedroom where her brother slept. 'Hack, hack' went the axe. The intruder, with axe dripping with crimson blood, went into the next room. Her two sisters, Jenny and Janice, were huddled together in sheer terror. Three 'hacks' could be heard and the intruder had made his mark once more. Last the intruder entered into her parents’ room. Two more hacks could be heard and
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