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23 - Pertinent Dimensionless Parameters Grashof Number Free...

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10/25/2010 1 Free Convection: General Considerations and Results for Vertical and Horizontal Plates Chapter 9 Sections 9.1 through 9.6.2 Pertinent Dimensionless Parameters head2right Grashof Number: = Buoyancy force/viscous force head2right Rayleigh Number: 2 3 ) ( ν β L T T g Gr s L να β 3 ) ( Pr L T T g Gr Ra s L L = Vertical Plates Free Convection Boundary Layer Development on a Heated Plate : head2right Ascending flow with the maximum velocity occurring in the boundary layer and zero velocity at both the surface and outer edge. ( ) ? s T T < The fluid close to the plate is _________ the fluid beyond it. a) Less dense than b) More dense than c) As dense as Form of the x -Momentum Equation for Laminar Flow Net Momentum Fluxes ( Inertia Forces ) Buoyancy Force Viscous Force head2right Temperature dependence requires that solution for u ( x,y ) be obtained concurrently with solution of the boundary layer energy equation for T ( x,y ). The solutions are said to be coupled .
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10/25/2010 2 If we need to couple these two equations, what do we need to use?
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