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Chapter 7 summary - Chapter 7 Are stem cells the next...

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Chapter 7: Are stem cells the next frontier for diabetes treatment? Author: Charles Goldwaithe Jr, Ph.D. This article presents the problems of diabetes that most people face. It describes in the introduction what the most common types of diabetes are, type 1 and type 2. After the introduction the article tells us about how diabetes has no cure, and is becoming a larger problem in the world and in America, causing many deaths. Therefore, researchers are looking for ways to use stem cells to help or cure the disease. Blood glucose levels are maintained at a safe level from what are called b-cells that come from the pancreas. When a person has diabetes type 2, the functions of the b-cells decline. Type 1 diabetes is where the immune system of the body attacks the b-cells. Type 1 diabetes is not preventable, and type 2 is. For that reason the researchers tended to focus more on type 1 diabetes. Plus, the research being done with stem cells in this area have clinical problems. Researchers would need to find a
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