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Introduction In experiment 4, we are experimenting with collisions in one dimension, testing if collisions in experiments have conserved linear momentum and kinetic energy. For the set up of the experiment, there are two gliders on a track with photo gates that measure the time it takes for the glider to pass through it. The gates are kept at a constant distance for each experiment, and there are three gliders: two longer red gliders, and one shorter yellow glider. During the experiment we did a total of four collisions. Two were elastic, one was partially inelastic and the last was completely inelastic. The partially inelastic collision had foil wrapped around the edged of the glider that would collide and the inelastic collision had Velcro to make the gliders stick together. Doing these three types of collisions, we are measuring the times to calculate velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy from the start of the collision to the finish. If the values were within the uncertainties, momentum and/or kinetic energy was conserved. Conclusion
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